Single Seat

There were a coupple of variations to the single seat Hopper. Over the years the different models were an improvenment over previous models in different areas, mainly in safety. Not that the older models were unsafe it is just that there were areas for improvement. The single seat plans I have put together are basically for the Model 40. One of the differance between the models was the engine choices that were available at that time. Since the early ultralight days the engines were of a smaller horse power the airframe was designed for the smaller lighter engines. The biggest change in the airframe between the different models was the location of the wings as referanced to the root tube. The wings were moved closer to the motor to offset the heavier engines. There were also structural changes made to support the heavier engines. These changes were mostly in the wall thickness of the forward brace tubing.When you look at a C-Model and compare it to a Model 40 you really don't notice the differances. When you look at Hopper no mater what model it is you know it is a Hopper.Here is a pic of a Weedhopper I used to own. The Single Seat built from these plans will be simular. This Hopper had some modifications that made it a little differant than the original. Another thing that is nice about the Hopper is that there is room to make it personal to you as long as you do not make structural changes to the airframe and all the weight and balances are in order.

My Old Single Seat Weedhopper